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We provide high-quality Chinese translation, typesetting and print services.
We also print business cards in Arabic, Russian, Korean and Japanese.

Chinese Translation

First impressions count, especially when doing business in China, so it is essential that your business cards are translated accurately and professionally.

Business cards are an essential networking tool in China, and to be caught without them is a serious breach of business etiquette and a major social blunder: English / Chinese business cards show your clients that you are taking your business in China seriously.

Branding & Typesetting

Your brand identity is key to the professional image of your company in China, so we are careful to preserve all the design elements of your brand on both the English and the Chinese side of your business cards: colours, fonts and logos.

We understand the importance of your company’s brand ID and we pride ourselves on the quality of our typesetting and our attention to detail.

Print Quality

Our state-of-the-art printing presses ensure excellent print-quality for every job.

We are proud to print for some of the most successful names in the business world: clients who accept nothing less than perfect results every time.

We also work with the Department for International Trade, assisting UK companies attending trade events in China & Southeast Asia.

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