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We translate, typeset, and and print dual-language business cards: Japanese, Chinese or Korean on one side, English on the other. We can also provide you with the camera-ready artwork if you would prefer to use your own printer to print your cards.

Ordering your cards couldn't be simpler:

  1. Send your details (download the orderform below)
  2. Let us do the rest!

Step 1: Send us your details
Simply download the orderform below and send us your business card details together with any special instructions. You can also email us with your details if you prefer.

Download a copy of our orderform
to order your cards today!

Step 2: Translation, Typesetting & Artwork Production
Our experienced translators will translate your name, position and all other necessary information. Your details will be accurately translated based on the information you provide us with. If you have certain preferences for the translation of your job title or the pronunciation of your name, please let us know when you order your cards.

Our skilled typesetters will match your existing English card's graphic layout so that your dual-language cards retain a consistent and professional look. This deliberate use of a uniform corporate identity ensures that the foreign-language side of your business card appears as a part of the overall graphic design of the card, and not as an afterthought.

This extends to the positioning of your logo too, which we are happy to insert into your business card layout for you at no extra charge: simply email us a copy of your logo in a high-quality digital format (Adobe Illustrator, or EPS) and we will happily do the rest. Alternatively, if you are having the cards printed yourself, we can designate a space in the business card layout for your printer/graphic designer to insert the logo themselves.

Step 3: Proofreading
Rest assured that your dual-language business cards will be done right! We will fax or email you with an enlarged copy of the proofs so that you (or your foreign language associates) can check and approve the translation and layout prior to shipping.

We are committed to quality
and your satisfaction is of paramount importance to us

Step 4: Printing
We print our business cards on 335gsm Superwhite board using state-of-the-art, 6-colour Indigo digital presses, ensuring speed and quality: we believe that quality counts and first impressions last. We print full-colour but unlike many printers, we do not charge extra for the number of colours used. 

Our average turnaround time for printed business cards is just 3 days.

Step 5: Delivery

Delivery to UK addresses is included in the price. Urgent orders are despatched by overnight courier.

If you are having your cards printed by your own printer, your finished camera ready artwork will be delivered as an EPS file or as a PDF. The files we provide you with are ready-to-print and your printer will not require any system fonts. The files are also cross-platform compatible for both Windows and Macintosh operating systems so you can take them to any designer or to your local printing bureau to have your business cards printed. 

In spite of this, if your printer has any concerns about printing your dual-language cards, we will be happy to liaise with them and answer any questions they may have. Have them call us on 020 8816 8891.


Chinese Business Cards
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